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ACECC (Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council)

ACECC was established on September 27, 1999 in Tokyo with 5 Civil Engineering Societies namely ASCE, CICHE, JSC, KSCE and PICE to promote collaborative work towards Sustainable Development of Infrastructure within the Asian Regions. ACECC Membership is open to world wide professional organization that comply with the criteria laid down by ACECC.

At present there are 14 member countries of ACECC as under :-
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) flat
  • Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (CICHE) flat
  • Engineers Austrialia (EA) flat
  • Indonesian Society of Civil and Structural Engineers (HAKI) flat
  • The Institution of Civil Engineers, India (ICE(I)) flat
  • The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) flat
  • The Institution of Engineers, Pakistan (IEP) flat
  • Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) flat
  • Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSCE) flat
  • Mongolian Association of Civil Engineers (MACE) flat
  • Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA) flat
  • Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) flat
  • Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Association (VFCEA) flat
  • Federation of Myanmar Engineering Societies (Fed.MES) flat

CECAR (Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region)

The International Conference organized by ACECC is CECAR which is one of the major activities of ACECC. Leaders and decision makers from academia, industry, and the public sector get together to discuss the issues of infrastructure development in the Asian Region and disseminate developments and potential solutions to the world.

CECAR is held every 3 years with participants from ACECC member countries and others.

So far 8 CECARS have been organized at the various places as under :-
1st CECAR Hosted by PICE February, 19-20, 1998 Manila, Philippines
2nd CECAR JSCE April 16-20, 2001 Tokyo, Japan
3rd CECAR KSCE August 16-19, 2004 Seoul, Korea
4th CECAR CICHE June 25-27, 2007 Taipei, Taiwan
5th CECAR EA August 8-12, 2010 Sydney, Australia
6th CECAR HAKI August 20-22, 2013 Jakarta, Indonesia
7th CECAR ASCE August 30-September 2, 2016 Honolulu, USA
8th CECAR JSCE April 16-18, 2019 Tokyo, Japan

On the historic event CECAR also recognizes the talent and contributions and gives award for technology, achievements and engineering projects as per the recommendations of the Awards Committee of ACECC at the time of CECAR meet in the respective country.

Who can attend CECAR

Civil engineering professionals from all over the world (civil engineering practioners, students, academia and industries are invited to participate in this mega international event organized by the Institution of Civil Engineers (India) in Goa from September, 21-23, 2022.